How to Get Caulking Jobs Right Every Time

bathroom remodel | The Novak Group contractorThe first time that you do a caulking job on your home you will probably struggle if you don’t know the basics. It can be a complete disaster if you let the silicone skin over before you have it set where you want it. You only have about a minute to work with silicone caulk before it skins over. Once it sets it is more or less impossible to smooth over without tearing it up.  Read more »

What Colors Should I Use When Remodeling?

Have you asked yourself what colors you should use when remodeling? There are so many choices that it can seem like an overwhelming decision at times. There are several factors that you may want to consider before making the choice for color schemes. You don’t have to let all those color schemes at the paint store overwhelm you when you take some initial steps prior to visiting the store. You do want to take your time when choosing the colors as this contributes largely to setting the stage for how you and others feel when entering your home.
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Adding Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Nobody knows how it happens but as time goes on it feels like we never have enough storage space in your kitchen. Remodeling to increase storage space can be rewarding and makes life so much easier. When you first purchased your home it was more than likely while your family was smaller. More space is always needed as the family grows. Your remodeling contractor can work with you on finding the best use for those little extra storage spaces that may be created. Read more »

Remodeling Your Bath and Home

bathroom remodel | The Novak Group contractorWhen prepping for a remodel the first thing step should be to remove all old wall coverings including borders and wall paper. This is most easily achieved through the use of a heat/steam gun. This will warm the glue on the paper allowing it to be easily removed. When we prep the wall for painting we will first make sure it is smooth by looking for any pits or marred areas. These will be filled with spackle in order to bring them up level with the rest of the wall. Read more »

What Do VOCs Mean when Going Green?

VOC The Novak Group“Going green” means that you are thinking about the environment as well as the health of your family when it comes to using products with VOCs. Making your home green doesn’t mean you need to start over by building a new home but may involve remodeling with green in mind. Contractors like The Novak Group know that this is the way a lot of people want to make changes and can help you with ideas for making it happen. There are some simple choices you can make to decrease the amount of potentially harmful products used in the home. Read more »