Our Process

Clearer Understanding – Better Value

We don’t just show up with your “new plans”.  We first meet with you and listen.  Potential clients often ask, “How much will this cost per square foot?”  There are a lot of factors that go into the required answer.  We have a structured process that starts with listening to your needs and determining the scope of work to be completed.  After reviewing your home, goals, vision, preferences, and budget we research the best way to approach your project.


The first concrete step is preliminary design with or without sketches.  This assures mutual understanding of what is to be done and gives you an overall “view” of the project.  The design phase often allows us to work with the best professionals such as kitchen designers, interior designers, home designers, architects, engineers, and any other professional our client needs.  Once a preliminary design consensus is reached, we are ready to move on to the creation of working plans, or “blueprints”.


We will mutually conduct a review of the working drawings to assure no details have been left out.  At this time, the plans will be engineered to assure compliance with structural requirements, and state and local building codes.  Finally, we are ready to use the engineered plans to provide a firm quote for your job.  Now it’s time to implement our plans and get your job done!

This entire process simplifies your project and leads to increased savings, communication, and a happy client.  Our goal on every project is helping you achieve your dream in the most cost efficient manner.