Add Value with Remodeled Bathrooms and Kitchens

In a world where the economy has hit recession, there are many people who wish to save money by adding value to their home before selling.  One way to do this is to look at ways you can remodel your bathroom and kitchen.  A complete re-model may not give the saving that you are wishing for and can be costly; however, there are small ways in which you can make money-saving improvements and still add value to your property. Read more »

Remodeling For Extra Storage Space

Kitchens are not only the place where we cook our meals, but also store the very items needed to prepare the smallest snacks to the largest holiday dinners. The kitchen, often times, also becomes the meeting place of the family as they gather to discuss the day’s events. So how do you plan a remodel of a kitchen to incorporate storage, cooking, and socializing? You need to get organized! Read more »

Building a House Extension on a Budget

Remodeling your home with an extension is an excellent way to add value or create the space you need when you can’t afford to move house. You may find that the investment more than pays for itself over time, but that doesn’t mean that these sort of changes are cheap. By planning the project properly and trying to stick to a budget you will find that things go a lot more smoothly. Read more »

Get “The Look” with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood FlooringWhen people redo their floors many choose to do so with hardwood. Churches do it for the acoustics, gyms do it for the shock absorption, realtors do it for the increase in home value, the environmentally-conscious do it for the planet and allergy-sufferers do it for increased air quality. Then there are others that do it because it simply looks good. Read more »

Don’t Paint your Front Door Black

black front doorThis is a simple tip that can make a big difference to your home remodeling efforts. You may have just spent a lot of time, and also a lot of money getting the front of your home looking just right. Whether this was to make it a nicer place to live, or to increase the value so that you can sell for a profit, you don’t want to ruin the look with a cracked paint job. Read more »