Adding Antique Lighting to Your Home

The look and feel of your home can be significantly enhanced by adding antique lighting. This look, though, isn’t for everyone, and you need to make sure it fits the existing décor in your | The Novak Group

Installing effective lighting needs careful planning. In order for your new lighting to fit in perfectly and look elegant, try to choose a certain time-period design or style for each of the rooms you wish to redesign. You should consider using a consultant when buying your lights, especially if you’re going for a classy antique effect.

During the research phase, one of the first things you should do is check the websites that specialize in antique lighting, and try to find out if there are any local dealers around that sell these types of products. Local businesses, besides having a wide range of products to choose from, should also have a consultant available to help you in your project.

It’s not necessary to remodel your entire home at one time. Start with one room and make it perfect. This way, even if you choose different antique lighting for every room, you’ll have diversity throughout your home while having consistency in each space.

Get the Classic Look

If you want something truly stunning in antique lighting, you should consider getting a timeless Tiffany piece. Even though Tiffany style antique lighting can be quite expensive, you will have something that will work for years to come. You can see this as an investment and use the lighting piece as something of a centerpiece around which you can remodel an entire room. Look for a registered dealer so that you are not left with a cheap imitation piece as your cornerstone.

When you buy an investment piece such as this, you need to consider how you will best display it. You want to grab people’s attention and you do not want to bury it with other furniture. Let a stand alone lamp, or a desk piece, shine from an uncluttered spot in your room.

Look After Your Investment

As well as looking good, these pieces need to be cared for. You should not buy a piece like this and then set it up in the kids playroom! Save this sort of lighting for a study or a formal living room. And if you are going to sell your home, remember you will be taking this beautiful lighting with you. So, you can use the unique beauty of the pieces to show your home, then simply move them to your new place.


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