Prioritize Your Remodeling to Meet Your Goals

bathroom remodel - The Novak Group CharlotteDepending on the end reason you want to start remodeling your home you will want to get certain jobs done first. Follow this advice to see what you should prioritize for each remodeling goal.

Increasing the Value of Your Property

There are specific changes you can make to your home to increase the value of your property. The two areas that will offer you the most value increase, if you renovate, are you kitchen and your bathroom. These are the areas of the house that buyers respond to. You will not get great returns on your investment if you try to update the plumbing but cosmetic changes will go a long way.

It’s a good idea to update all of your cabinets. You may not need to replace them but it is sensible to update the doors and give everything a new lick of paint. It can be worth replacing date counter tops. Buyers respond to energy star appliances. Update you lighting and any other hardware. In the bathroom you should replace old shower curtains, mats and towels.

In the rest of your home it is worth considering getting new lighting fixtures and improving the flooring and walls. Curb appeal outside your home can be improved by painting the front walls as well as tidying the garden updating the exterior lighting and making your home as inviting as possible.

Reducing Your Energy Costs

The government offers tax relief and funds for remodeling that leads to energy reduction. You should begin by plugging and leaks, installing insulation and replacing any windows or doors that are more than 15 years old. Improving your heating and cooling systems as well as updating your hot water tank, or replacing it altogether with a tankless system will offer a good return on your investment.

In your garden you could plant trees. These will add value to your property and if you locate them in the right places they can reduce your energy costs. Coniferous evergreens planted on the north and west of your home will offer protection from the winter weather. Deciduous trees planted on the south side will shade you in the summer and let the light in during the winter. They can be used to shade your air conditioning units as well – these run a lot more efficiently if they are kept cool.

Remodeling for Your Family’s Needs

In a real estate market that is not rising it can be better financially to remodel your home instead of moving house. If you can make changes that mean your current property will have the space for all of your family members you may find that it is a better investment than looking for a new home. You may look to change a den space into a new bedroom or adding closet space for new, or grown up, family members.

You can remodel your basement or attic to add additional rooms. Along with adding new bathrooms, adding bedrooms to your property will also add value to your home. You benefit both ways. You save money and improve the value of your house but at the same time you make the place more comfortable.

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