Remodeling Your Bath and Home

bathroom remodel | The Novak Group contractorWhen prepping for a remodel the first thing step should be to remove all old wall coverings including borders and wall paper. This is most easily achieved through the use of a heat/steam gun. This will warm the glue on the paper allowing it to be easily removed. When we prep the wall for painting we will first make sure it is smooth by looking for any pits or marred areas. These will be filled with spackle in order to bring them up level with the rest of the wall.

When you are considering a new color of paint for your home and bath remodel you should take into consideration how long you will continue living in the home. If you plan on being in the same home for seven or more years, then any color that suits you would be acceptable. If you plan on placing your home on the real estate market however you will want to choose neutral shades in order to help keep it much more market friendly.

Since older walls tend to show dirt and age quite readily a good painting is always recommended before placing your home up for sale. When prospective buyers walk into a home they do not want to see a great deal of work that they will have to do. Also, do not take the shortcut of simply painting over stains, grease, and grime. These will begin to show through the new paint job and could lead to your having to pay for a professional painter to come in and fix the issue.

Finding acceptable plans for your home and bath remodel can be quite simple. We can help you find the plans that best suit your need. We will take the time to look over several potential designs and help to ensure that you get the one you like best. This will also include ensuring that you get the new floor covering that you like best. Carpeting ages and you should certainly consider replacing it when planning a remodel.

When we replace carpet during your remodel the process will include taking up the carpet itself as well as the padding below and the tacking boards that need replacing around the walls. These materials will be disposed of carefully and in accordance with local ordinances. Whether you choose to replace the carpet or to install a hardwood floor we will be with you each step of the way. We will help to ensure the flooring of your choice rather than feeling like you have to settle for simply putting carpet back on the floors.

Keep in mind that one major item that you may consider replacing during a home and bath remodel is your tub or shower. Older tubs can present a slip hazard and can be downright unsightly. Newer models are both gorgeous and surprisingly affordable when you consider the fact that the right model can help reduce the chances of a fall. No matter what aspects of your home or bath you wish to update, we will be there for you every step of the way making sure that you get the home and bath of your dreams instead of being stuck what you think you have to endure!

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