What Colors Should I Use When Remodeling?

Have you asked yourself what colors you should use when remodeling? There are so many choices that it can seem like an overwhelming decision at times. There are several factors that you may want to consider before making the choice for color schemes. You don’t have to let all those color schemes at the paint store overwhelm you when you take some initial steps prior to visiting the store. You do want to take your time when choosing the colors as this contributes largely to setting the stage for how you and others feel when entering your home.

Knowing what is in vogue with interior design may help give you a starting point. It doesn’t mean that you have to use these colors unless this is what you want. Before choosing your paint colors think about how each room is or will be used and how you would like that room to make you feel. It is no secret that color affects moods and thoughts. For example you may want to think before using a vibrant bright color such as an eye popping yellow in a bedroom.

Once you have decided on the kind of atmosphere then look at what items will be used in that room. Colors should work with your décor. Do you have special pieces of furniture or art you will want displayed? If you have a mish mash of items then colors should remain softer and a little more subtle. This will help to showcase some of your treasures that you may have in your home. It is generally better to stick with two to three paint colors and let your décor be showcased by these.

Bold colors can make a statement when used correctly in certain rooms. For some bold is beautiful and that holds true when deciding on decorating certain rooms in your home. The best way to use bold colors is as an accent color. Generally when bold colors are used in a room covering all walls people tend to tire of these quickly. Using some strategic home décor pieces is another way to add color.

When you are ready to visit the paint store with some color choices in mind pick up the color samples to bring home prior to painting. Always choose one shade lighter and one shade darker than the one you feel is perfect. Use these samples by placing them in the rooms for which they were chosen to see how they look. Don’t forget to also try them with different lighting to help you make your decisions. You will be surprised at the difference this may make in your decision on colors.

The colors that you choose for your home after remodeling should be based not just on what others have to say but on your personal preferences as well. This is where you spend time to relax and enjoy your family and it only makes sense that you love the colors that you enjoy and feel comfortable with. Go ahead and start thinking about the colors that will be perfect and get a jump on that remodeling job.

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