Remodeling in 2013 – Open Spaces

remodelTrends for remodeling in 2013 are going toward wide open living spaces. This gives people the feeling of having more room and less clutter. Who wants to come home to closed in spaces that seem dark after having spent the day working with all sorts of messes? Rooms are brighter with more lighting and colors are taking on a softer tone this year. People are looking more toward their future as they age in their home. Making the home fit now as well as later in life is the sensible way to go for a lot of people.

With the number of foreclosures as well as housing prices finally arriving at affordable levels at this time people are purchasing homes that can be remodeled saving money. The beauty of this type of move is that many times you can live in the home while most of the work is done. This in itself saves money for other things such as further decorating or even new furniture for your home. Walls can be removed to open up living space creating a more communal type life style.

No more of those closed in dining rooms this year – open kitchens with dining area creating an air of warmth and sense of family togetherness. A great dining room no longer has to be closed in or off from what is going on elsewhere in the home. A softer color for these areas such as light grays gives the feel of openness and warmth without being stark. Bright colors will be used as accents instead of the overall color theme.

The economy has also changed how we work. More people are telecommuting making their home part of their work environment. Job loss or cut backs means that more people are taking on extra work to help meet their needs and a lot of this is done in the home. With this change the home office becomes an important part of the home. Remodeling an extra room or bedroom can fit the bill perfectly to meet the needs for a quiet place to work.

This year more and more homes are being remodeled with sustainable living in mind. Going green doesn’t mean that you lose any aesthetic characteristics but gain in a home that is peaceful and comforting. Knowing that you are doing your part for the environment as well as saving money in the long term is a joy in itself.

Whether it is changing one room, many rooms or a complete overhaul of your home, remodeling is the means to achieve all your home goals. Think wide open spaces, soft colors such as grays, and sustainability for your remodeling needs for 2013. Your home is a place that should be able to grow with you providing comfort, security and warmth. With this in mind start looking at what changes you would like to make and contact us today to start setting goals and planning what you want to achieve for this year with your home.

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