Remodeling a Basement to Increase Living Space

Basement Remodeling | The Novak GroupRemodeling a basement to increase living space makes perfect sense with the economical woes that a lot of families are experiencing. It is not just the thought of extended families but a fact that more and more have to make changes to survive today’s economy. A basement can add much needed space and be a benefit to any home when looking at increasing the home’s value as well.  Unsure of where to start when thinking about remodeling this space? Read on for some suggestions.

The size and shape of your basement can offer you a challenge in seeing just how it may look with a remodel. Draw a basic diagram of the floor area putting major structures or appliances in their respective areas. From this drawing you can start thinking about just what you want to change and how to make the most of the space that you have available. Talk with your remodeling contractor for ideas that they may have on the use of certain space.

Small living spaces are in vogue now and basements can be a challenge to creating a unique self contained living space. If water is already down in the basement then this may make it easier to create a small bathroom and a galley for kitchen space. The space can be left wide open creating an impression of a bigger living area as well. Many loft apartments are left open like this giving the impression of open space.

Try built in beds that can also serve as other pieces of furniture such as storage under the platforms means that no space is wasted when creating a sleeping area. You may also think about beds that fold away if space is very limited. Look at magazines on decorating to help get an idea of what you want for sleeping space in this area.

Another area that must be considered when remodeling the basement to increase living space is color and lighting. Lighter colors will make the space appear to be larger and less closed in. On the other hand a splash of color needs to be added to keep the area from feeling sterile. When adding lighting think about recessed lighting in some areas as this can help break up the space and create special area effects. Track lights and a mixture of recessed lighting as well as strategically placed lamps will help keep the space feeling natural and making people more at ease.

Remodeling a basement to increase living space doesn’t have to be that dreaded boring chore that you continue to put on the back burner. Hiring a remodeling contractor will help with more than just the building portion but also with ideas that can make the basement a remarkable room. Extended family members or even grown children may need a place that offers them space to feel safe. The basement can be a perfect choice. Think about yourself if you want an area that you can call your own. This has the potential to increase the market value of your home as well as helping to offer you more peace of mind in knowing that your family has the room it needs and deserves.

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