Bathroom Remodeling Trends Today

bathroom remodel | The Novak Group contractorBathroom remodeling trends are on the rise as far as changes in the home are concerned. There are several reasons for these changes given by homeowners. Some people want to experience a more relaxing spa type feeling after a hard day working. Comfort is not the only motivating factor to remodeling a dated bathroom though. If you are considering selling your home then taking action to update the bathroom can put a positive spin toward motivating buyers to take a closer look. Knowing what the trends are and making a decision on style can be trying but having some idea before starting a job will make it much easier.

One bathroom remodeling trend that is seen today involves increasing the space – particularly your bathing space. No longer do people want to be cramped and end up bumping into everything when taking their bath. The desire for luxury also shows people tearing out their bathtubs and opting for huge showers. In some of these remodeling changes people are even opting for the European style of having the shower open to the whole tiled bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling trends are lending themselves to more emphasis on safety. Tiles and other materials used in the remodels are more and more geared toward providing nonslip surfaces to decrease the number of falls that can occur in this area. The materials are beautiful and yet very functional as well as safe. Simplicity and elegance can be seen with every aspect of the newly remodeled bathrooms.

Next on the list of bathroom remodeling trends is geared towards environmental issues such as water conservation. It is much easier today to conserve water and still get the shower that you want in order to relax and let go of the stresses from the day. This is accomplished in great part by the addition of new water fixtures that are used in the remodeling process. Take a look at some of the beautiful water saving faucet systems on the market today. You can find many examples of these in home improvement stores or just by doing a simple search on the internet. Whether it’s for the shower, sink or commode there are choices that can save water and still give you what you need.

Technological changes are an obvious bathroom remodeling trend as well You can find digital shower systems, warm-up timers and even small LCD TVs just to name a few. Some people want to have relaxing music piped into their bathroom adding to that spa feeling and enhancing their down time. No longer is the living room the area where everything is happening. The bathroom is an important room in and of itself.

What are some of the bathroom remodeling trends that you have seen lately? Share your ideas with us and others in our comments section. We love hearing what you have to say. Start looking at what you want in a bathroom remodeling opportunity today!

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